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  • Stepping Into Adulthood


    “Can you tell me why you came in today to counseling?” “Yes. I have a list.” I remember scrolling through pictures of my sister and her friends in their senior year of college and it looked like everything I ever wanted: Friends, laughter, memories, crazy nights, and few worries. Now, as I’m trudging through my own […]

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  • How To Conquer Your Fears


    “I’ll give you $20 if you go with us.” This type of bribery has been going on ever since I was little. You see, roller coasters and I have a complicated relationship. I start to shake, breath heavy, and you can be sure I’ll have to go to the bathroom at least ten times before […]

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  • Welcome To Empire of Goodness!


    I still have my pink sticker covered University of North Carolina notebook that contains my earliest typed stories. When I was young and my parents were sleeping at six in the morning, I’d get up and go downstairs to write. I didn’t care about the topic but I loved putting my thoughts onto paper and […]